About Me and this Travel Blog


Nice to see you here. My name is Thomas and I am the founder of this travel and outdoor excursion blog. I’ve been living in Munich (Germany) since 2019 and after settling in here, I thought why not write an outdoor blog for others who are new to Munich and looking for travel inspiration? That’s how it all started on dailytrip.de!

Since then, dailytrip.de has evolved as I’ve changed (geographically) in the last 4 years and in early 2023 went on a multi-month long term trip as a solo traveler to discover other cultures and relax a bit. I quit my job and left everything behind to live out of a backpack (or suitcase) for the next few months. So, starting in 2023, you’ll find travel inspiration for world travelers and long-term travelers here.

My travel style

As for my travel style, I would describe myself as a flashpacker. Why flashpacker? It’s simple: During my world trip, I quickly realized that I’m not a typical backpacker and that I prefer my privacy in the form of a private room for accommodation, whether it’s in a hostel or hotel.

In addition, I tend to carry a lot of tech equipment with me on my travels (my guilty pleasure!), which can be a hassle to store in a dorm room. While I try to limit my gear, there is always room for improvement.

I also tend to avoid the biggest tourist hotspots, unless they are an essential sight to see. If I do visit these attractions, I try to do so at times that are less crowded. Nowadays, most tourist destinations are overcrowded, and many travel reports don’t always reflect reality, as I’ve noticed during my own travels. That being said, I try to give you a realistic (yet subjective) insight into travel destinations and experiences, which may include some criticism in my blog posts. I believe it’s important in today’s social media world where everything appears glossy, to shed light on the other side and report on things that don’t go well.

A Little Bit About Me

I’ve always been fascinated by nature and love spending time outdoors to relax and unwind. As a young boy, I used to roam the woods with my friends, building treehouses or going mushroom picking with my dad in the autumn. However, due to my job, I mostly only get the chance to plan bigger outings on weekends. I usually plan ahead because I like to experience as much as possible and don’t want to miss out on anything.

Before moving to Munich in Germany, I lived near the beautiful german spa town of Baden-Baden, so I had the Black Forest (which I highly recommend!) right on my doorstep. But Bavaria is also an awesome place. However, I wouldn’t describe myself as an extreme hiker, as I prefer more relaxed day trips or easy hikes. Nevertheless, my ultimate goal is to one day complete a long-distance hike and my dream is to tackle the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. If you’re not familiar with it yet and you’re interested in long-distance hikes, I highly recommend googling it!

A few years ago, I also discovered photography as a hobby. I enjoy taking my camera with me on my trips and capturing the special moments. Every once in a while, I even take a night off for some astrophotography, as I find it fascinating to observe the Milky Way. In winter, the mountains call me because I love unpacking my snowboard and hitting the slopes.

In general, traveling is extremely important to me. I’ve been traveling every year since I was a child, and I believe that getting to know other cultures greatly expands your own horizons. That’s why package holidays are absolutely not my thing. Asian countries in particular attract me, as I find their unique cultures simply fascinating and I love exploring their diverse melting pots. And if you’ve ever been to an Asian country (no matter which one!), I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: the food there is simply amazing and unbeatable!

Since late 2022, I’m also the proud owner of a drone (DJI Mini 2), which I brought with me on my long-term journey. Although I’m still a beginner in this field, I’m excited to be able to capture footage from different perspectives.

Why did I decide to start this outdoor blog?

Since I generally plan my tours, trips, and outings individually, I came up with the idea of ​​starting my own outdoor blog, which not only gives you individual recommendations but also offers completely planned day trips as a source of inspiration. This way, you don’t have to orient yourself first and laboriously pick out all the highlights on site. Of course, you can still decide freely whether you want to leave out parts of my recommendations and shape your outing individually. At the same time, I try to give you an overview in the articles of what the highlights are on site, in which category the outing falls, and how long the trip is estimated to take. That should make it easier for you as a reader to plan a complete day out uncomplicatedly.

Until the end of 2022, I only focused on travel destinations in Bavaria and outings around Munich in Germany. Since 2023, this website will be constantly expanding to include additional topics and excursion destinations around the world.

I appreciate your support!

If you’ve read this far, I have a request for you: If you make one of my suggested trips, I would love to hear from you, as feedback is super important to me to find out whether I could give you an inspiration or a nice day trip. Feel free to contact me on Instagram as well. And if you discover something on-site that you think is missing here, please contact me, and I’ll add it to the post so that other excursion-goers can benefit from it too! Since I’m always looking for inspiration for day trips in Bavaria myself, I’m definitely looking forward to any hint and already thank you if you send me a secret tip that I can experience based on your experience.

What topics and contents can you expect on this outdoor blog?

I focus on day trips and light hikes in Bavaria. Since I live in Munich, you will find most of the day trips around Munich, in southern Bavaria, and in the Bavarian Forest here.

Here’s an overview of the topics I’ve set my mind on:

  • Excursions around Munich
  • Excursion destinations in Bavaria
  • Excursions in the Bavarian Forest
  • Excursion destinations worldwide
  • Family-friendly outings
  • Forest walks
  • Easy to medium hikes
  • Interesting photo spots in Bavaria
  • Tips for drone flights abroad

What’s your favorite place that you think I absolutely must visit? Feel free to let me know!