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Hi, we are Vanessa and Thomas, travel-loving and nature-loving, always on the lookout for inspiring places in the world that enrich our life together. Travelling connects us and with people from other cultures that we meet on our travels.

Dailytrip: Our authentic travel blog

On this travel blog, we would like to share our exciting travel stories with you and give you personalised travel tips to make your trip an unforgettable experience. But how do we do this and what are our values?

  • Authentic impressions at Dailytrip: But what does this term mean to us? We don’t make things look better than they are. It’s important to us to share honest impressions with you that reflect the reality of our travels and excursions. Our opinion is not for sale and we only enter into co-operations that we are 100% convinced of.
  • Insider tips when travelling: We give you personalised travel tips that take you to places away from the tourist crowds. It is important to us to introduce you to lesser-known places that are well worth seeing.
  • “Not everything always runs smoothly”: We want to share both our experiences and the challenges of our trips with you so that you are well prepared for your journey.
  • Commitment to sustainability: We travel individually and avoid mass tourism as often as possible. It is important to us to always treat the cultures we encounter on our travels and nature with care and respect.
  • Photography, one of our passions: We love capturing special moments on our travels with our cameras. We share the most beautiful ones with you on this travel blog so that you can get your own impression. Curious? Discover some of them in our photo gallery.

What topics and content can you expect on this blog?

Here is an overview of the topics we have in mind:

  • Excursions around Munich
  • Excursions in Bavaria
  • Excursions in the Bavarian Forest
  • Destinations worldwide
  • Excursions suitable for families
  • Forest walks
  • Easy – moderately difficult hikes
  • Pre-planned itineraries for you
  • Interesting photo spots in Bavaria
  • Tips for drone flights abroad

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